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Aeldari: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

The ancient Aeldari are getting their 9th edition update at last in this week's release, with a brand new Codex, new cards and dice, and a bunch of new units to supe up your army with, all up for pre-order and will be out on March 5th.

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A new 200-page Codex for the Aeldari, with newly updated rules, lore, artwork, and much more.

The terrifying Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra is the deadliest of sharpshooters, taking out numerous foes in one shot from his shuriken cannon Maugetar, while taking out those who survived with the Maugetar's scythe blade, to lead his Dark Reapers to victory.

The Dark Reapers are a horrific sight only beaten by their leader Maugan Ra. They are an elite group of marksmen, landing devastating blows to enemy infantry from far distances using their Reaper Launchers which pepper the battlefield with fire and destruction.

This set of 5 Dark Reapers miniatures can be built helmeted or unhelmeted and can have one of them built as an Exarch, who can wield a reaper launcher, shuriken cannon, missile launcher, or tempest launcher, they also have four choices of heads, and can hold a skull in their off-hand, this set also includes a small Dark Reaper shrine miniature.

A duo of powerful Warlocks, psykers who strengthen their allies and curse foes using their Runes of Battle, while showing combat prowess with their ornate witchblades and spears, they can combine their power as a group of Warlocks or individually lead groups of allies while strengthening them.

This set of 2 Warlock miniatures lets you build one wielding a witchblade and one using a singing spear, there are also many arm and head options to choose from.

A force of 10 trained warriors, storming into battle with a large variety of weaponry, from shuriken pistols and sharp blades to flamers and fusion guns, while using their Serpent's Scale Platform to protect themselves from enemy fire with its equipped Serpent Shield.

The 10 Storm Guardian miniatures come with plenty of head options to choose from, and can also be built as Guardian Defenders, wielding long-range shuriken catapults and a powerful Heavy Weapons Platform equipped with a large variety of heavy weaponry, perfect for defending sensitive objectives from the enemy.

A set of 93 Datacards to easily reference Aeldari rules, stratagems and psychic powers in the midst of battle, and 20 translucent, turquoise, gem-like dice with white pips and the Aeldari icon on the 6-face.



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