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Aeronautica Imperialis: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

This week, the new expansion and starter set for the Warhammer 40K aerial combat game Aeronautica Imperialis is finally here, along with new squadrons for the Adeptus Astartes and Asuryani factions, all up for pre-order and will be out on October 9th.

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A brand new starter set for the 41st Millennium aerial combat game Aeronautica Imperialis, complete with everything you need to get playing right out of the box.

This starter set includes the following miniatures: 3 Adeptus Astartes Xiphon Interceptors,

2 Adeptus Astartes Storm Eagles, 3 Asuryani Nightwings, and 3 Asuryani Phoenix Bombers, and also a 38-page rulebook depicting everything you need to start playing the game,

a 4-page Wrath of Angels Starter Scenarios Booklet, a double-sided Area of Engagement game mat, a double-sided card token sheet with 70 tokens, a dice set, and more.

A squadron of 6 fast-maneuvering Imperial fighter aircraft, slashing through enemy craft with graceful agility, and capable of taking down the toughest of opponents with ease using their four lascannons and missile array each, the latter of which can also hold krak missiles for use against ground targets, and hunter-killer missiles for aerial dogfights.

A squadron of 2 heavy and hardy assault aircraft with a multitude of weapons at their disposal, from 4 lascannons to twin heavy bolters, and even two missile launchers (with a choice of ground or aerial combat), and capable of serving as many different roles during combat, from recon to transport and even as interceptors.

A set of 86 cards to easily reference all the rules for your aircraft, weapons, upgrades, and ground assets for your Adeptus Astartes fleet, including two Ace pilots and their unique aircraft (Dark Fire and The Unkillable Phantom), and a set of 8 dark gunmetal Adeptus Astartes dice with silver markings and a haloed skull on the 6-face.

A squadron of 6 nimble interceptors for your Asuryani fleet, trading toughness for unmatched speed and firepower, equipped with a devastating close-range shuriken cannon, twin bright lances that enhance their range even further, twin scatter lasers that supplement their close-range capabilities, twin missile launchers perfect for devastating targets on the ground, and twin starcannons for taking out vulnerable air targets.

This set allows you to open and close their wings, and swap between all of the above weapons, giving your squadron plenty of versatility and choices.

A squadron of 3 heavily armed yet agile bombers, equipped to devastate ground targets while being more than capable of handling themselves against other aircraft as well, these Phoenix Bombers carry a large amount of weaponry fit for any task they might need to fulfill, including a missile array that can house plasma and krak missiles, for taking care of air and ground targets, and can be equipped with twin bright lances, twin starcannons, or twin pulse lasers, and also a shuriken cannon.

A set of 91 cards to easily reference all the rules for your aircraft, weapons, upgrades, and ground assets for your Asuryani fleet, including two Ace pilots and their unique aircraft (Shadow Reaver and Crimson Warrior), and a set of 8 Wraithbone-colored Asuryani dice with rich gold markings and the Aeldari rune for air on the 6-face.

A 3’x3’ (19x18 hexes) double-sided fold-out Aeronautica Imperialis game board featuring an Imperial Outpost on one side, littered with all manner of research facilities and settlements typically seen on a colonized world, and on the other side a Lava World featuring an Imperial settlement surrounded by lava and harsh, inhospitable terrain.

A set of upgrades and weapons for your Necromunda Van Saar gang, featuring a multitude of new gear to equip your gang for combat, including 2 plasma cannons, 2 multi-melta, 2 shock mauls, 2 servo claws, 4 meltaguns, 4 grav guns, 2 power knives, 4 rad guns, 4 flamers,

2 laspistols, 2 hand flamers, and also 10 alternative heads (2 copies of 5 variants), and a variety of additional arms for more poses.



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