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Warcry and Necromunda: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The Mortal Realms are thrown into turmoil once more in this week's release of a new

Tome of Champions updated for 2021, which sees the warbands clash in the Eightpoints and introducing Grand Alliances into Warcry, coming along are also five new Warband boxes, and lastly, a great big new Zone Mortalis terrain set compatible with Necromunda, Warhammer 40K, and Kill Team, all up for pre-order and will be out on February 19th.

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A new Tome of Champions updated for 2021, with newly updated rules, including the introduction of Grand Alliances into Warcry, new narrative rules and fated and branching quests, and much more.

The exalted warriors of Sigmar are an extension of his might, wielding his gift of lightning to great effect and sewing fear in anyone they march upon, determined to quell any trace of Chaos from the Mortal Realms, and what better place to find them than the chaos-ravaged Eightpoints.

This warband of 8 fighters consists of 5 Vindictors wielding long spears and tall shields, and 3 Annihilators who can wield either a round shield and a heavy hammer, or a huge meteoric grandhammer.

Some of the most devious and sly Orruks you'll ever have the displeasure of meeting, the Kruleboyz value nothing more than looting and general lawlessness, with a keen mind for stealth and trickery, they are ready to do anything to defeat their enemy, the nastier the better.

This warband of 13 fighters consists of 10 Gutrippaz wielding blades, bludgeons and shields, and 3 Man-skewer Boltboyz wielding cruel crossbows and blades.

For the depraved followers of Slaanesh, debauchery and bloodshed are one and the same, and mixing the two will surely win them the favour of their lustful god, who seeks to corrupt all mortals into servants of revelry and murder.

This warband of 16 fighters consists of a Blissbrew Homonculus, 5 Myrmidesh Painbringers who can be built as Symbaresh Twinsouls, and 10 Blissbarb Archers, one of which can be built as a High Tempter.

The Daughters of Khaine embody the rage of their god to its' fullest, fighting with both elegance and brutality and leaving nothing but death and destruction in their wake, all in the name of their Lord of Murder.

This warband of 15 fighters consists of 5 Melusai Blood Sisters wielding spears (who can be also built as Melusai Blood Stalkers armed with bows), and 10 Witch Aelves wielding paired blades (who can be also built as Sisters of Slaughter wielding barbed whips and bladed bucklers).

The Lumineth Realm-Lords are the epitome of righteousness, seeking to cleanse the Mortal Realms of Chaos in all of its' forms using the power of the elements as their weapon and eliminate all mention of the Dark Gods from the land.

This warband of 15 fighters consists of 5 Alarith Stoneguard wielding one-handed or two-handed hammers, 5 Vanari Auralan Wardens armed with long spears and shields, and 5 Vanari Auralan Sentinels armed with longbows.

A huge Necromunda terrain set depicting the narrow and deadly scenery of the Underhive sector, full of tight spaces, and twisting paths, with plenty of hiding spots to surprise the enemy.

This set is also compatible with Warhammer 40K and Kill Team and includes a Zone Mortalis Gang Stronghold (consisting of a Watchtower, a Gunk Tank, Stronghold Gates, 4 Stronghold Walls, 2 Stronghold Corners, and a Stronghold Wall Extension), Zone Mortalis Platforms and Stairs (consisting of 2 Sets of Stairs, 16 Platforms, 2 Wide Platforms, 12 Railings, 4 Ladders, and a Lift), Zone Mortalis Columns and Walls (consisting of 12 Columns, 2 Wide Walls, 8 Walls, 2 Wide Doors, and 2 Regular Doors), Zone Mortalis Barricades and Objectives (consisting of a Gang Relic, a Priority Marker, 4 Door Terminals, a Beast's Lair, 5 Loot Caskets, 9 Barricades, and 4 Boobly Traps), and Zone Mortalis Pipes and Conduits (consisting of 3 Pipes, a Control Point, a Broken Pipe Section, 2 Curved Pipe Sections, and Short End Pipe).



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