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Age of Sigmar & Middle-Earth: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

This week brings us a huge release for the Stormcast Eternals for the 3rd Edition of Age of Sigmar, with the new Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos, a Knight-Relicator, and many more reinforcements for your Stormcast Eternals army (and some more Orruk boyz in tow), as well as new releases for Middle-Earth in the form of a new expansion tome - Fall of the Necromancer, a new miniature of the Witch-king of Angmar, the Ruins of Dol Guldur terrain set and more, all up for pre-order and will be out on October 30th.

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Holding the highest rank amongst the Hammers of Sigmar, Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos has a domineering presence on the battlefield, wielding both his great warhammer Uskavar, The Sunderer, and his unrivaled tactical prowess with equal skill, he leads his allies to victory and sends his foes running.

This kit comes with a choice of the Lord-Commander's hammer wielded in one or both hands, and a choice of two heads, with or without his helmet.

A powerful combat priest and protector of the Temple of Ages, who uses their mighty relic maul and prayers to offer their allies protection while smiting any dark foe standing in their way.

A group of 3 elite warriors wielding powerful meteoric hammers and able to withstand heavy damage using their impenetrable shields.

This kit lets you build your Annihilators with two-handed meteoric Grandhammers or a one-handed one and a shield, as well as helmeted and unhelmeted heads.

A trio of unbreakable bodyguards for the leaders of your army, armed with large soulguard's halberds and able to intercept attacks aimed at the leader they're meant to protect.

This kit allows you to build a Praetor-Prime, and gives you a choice for helmeted and unhelmeted heads.

A group of ten rangers serving as scouts for your Stormcast Eternals army, carrying stormcaller bows to easily dispatch lightly-armored units, while marking stronger foes in flashes of lightning for their allies to target.

This kit allows for up to two Vigilor-Prime units and (you guessed it) a choice of helmeted and unhelmeted heads.

Ten masterful warriors armed with greatswords embedded with celestium realmstone who charge against enemies held down by their Liberator and Vindictor brethren, perfectly in tune with their weapons thanks to visions from the celestium.

This kit allows you to build a Vanquisher-Prime, a Vanquisher Herald using a war horn, and a Storm-forged Icon Bearer, as well as a choice of helmeted and unhelmeted heads.

A group of ten heavy defensive infantry specialists who use their mighty shields and stormspears to hold the line against their foes, while calling lightning to bounce through their weapons and shields to shock the enemies they push against.

This kit allows you to build a Vindictor-Prime and a Standard bearer with an Azyrite Signifier, as well as giving you a choice of helmeted and unhelmeted heads.

A trio of murderous crossbow-wielding Kruleboyz, pinning their foes down with giant poisoned bolts from a great distance.

This kit comes with many options to customize your Boltboyz as well as an option to build a Boltboy Boss with a banner pole, his own two helmet choices, and a unique crossbow.

A force of twenty scheming Hobgrots, wielding crude slitta-knives and scrap-granades, passing through the enemy in a tide of chaos and destruction.

This kit allows you to build two units of 10 Hobgrots, each with a boss, two Scrap Totem Bearers, and two Noise-makers, or a single unit of 20 grots.

A new 72-page expansion tome for Middle-Earth, full of lore, rules, 13 narrative play Scenarios, 4 new Legendary Legions to play as, Painting Masterclasses, and much more.

As the lord of the Nazgûl and the fiercest of the Dark Lord's followers, the Witch-king sows terror in the hearts of those who oppose him in battle, and fell any who are brave enough to face him with his cruel weapons.

This set comes with two miniatures, one mounted and one on foot, and with a choice of a hooded head or wearing the Crown of Morgul for both models, a choice of wielding the Morgul Blade for the model on foot, and a choice of his cruel flail and his longsword.

A modular terrain kit of the ruins of the infamous fortress of Dol Guldur in Mirkwood, which can be combined with several kits for creating larger structures.

A set of 8 ghostly dark green dice with black swirls and silver pips themed after the fallen kingdom of Angmar and featuring the Witch-king's Crown of Morgul on the 6-face.

A set of 8 translucent dice with black smokey swirls and silver pips themed after the ruins of Dol Guldur and featuring Sauron's armored faceplate on the 6-face.



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