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Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Underworlds & Blood Bowl: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

This week we're getting the brand new Age of Sigmar battlebox Fury of the Deep, pitting the Fyreslayers and Idoneth Deepkin against each other in brutal combat, the first expansion for Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep with 5 new minis and a new deck, and lastly, new Nurgle Team goodies for Blood Bowl, all up for pre-order and will be out on January 22nd.

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A great monument, and the dwindling seat of power of the Fyreslayers, the magmahold of Ryftmar, is on the brink of collapse from endless battles and nature's fury, and the Idoneth Deepkin, starved for a great reaping of souls, seize this opportune moment to gather a great host and strike at the heart of the Fyreslayers' fading home.

This new Age of Sigmar battlebox comes with everything you need to take part in the battle, including a 56-page Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Rules book, a 40-page Fury of the Deep booklet depicting the narrative and extra rules for this fiery campaign, 43 miniatures including an Auric Flamekeeper, 5 Auric Hearthguard and 5 Hearthguard Berzerkers (both of which can be built as the other), and 10 Vulkite Berzerkers for the Fyreslayers side, and an Akhelian Thrallmaster, an Akhellian Allopex, 10 Namarti Reavers, and 10 Namarti Thralls for the Idoneth Deepkin side, you'll also get Warscroll Cards, Tokens, and two Range Rulers.

The first-ever expansion for Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep featuring the Ogor Gorlok Blackpowder and his crew, who are marooned in Harrowdeep after an encounter with a whirlpool, eager to claim the great treasures hidden within.

This set comes with 5 Blackpowder’s Buccaneers miniatures, depicting Gorlok Blackpowder, and his crew of Kagey, Peggz, Shreek, and Mange, a fighter card for each of them, and 65 more Underworlds cards depicting Blackpowder's Buccaneers-specific and universal objectives, upgrades, and much more.

A new card deck for Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep that includes 32 new Universal cards, consisting of 12 objective cards, 10 gambit cards, and 10 upgrade cards, and can be used with the Rivals format, which gives you premade decks to get started with the game right away.

A double-sided pitch and dugouts for your Blood Bowl Nurgle Team, with a rotting garden on one side and the same garden but blooming with noxious plants and decaying creatures on the other.

A set of 44 Nurgle Team cards depicting your players' stats, profiles, positions, and more, and a set of 7 translucent swirly green dice with orange pips and the symbol of grandpa Nurgle on the 6-face.



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