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Blood Bowl: Norse Team: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

A new Norse Team for Blood Bowl with new Pitch and Dugouts, Cards, Dice, and the 14th issue of Spike! Journal in this week's new GW releases, all up for pre-order and will be out on April 23rd.

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Stalwart and hardy people of the cold north, the Norscans smash through their competition's defences and raise as much pandemonium as they can while they're at it as their swift Valkyries run all the way to victory.

The Norsca Rampagers Team includes 6 Norse Raider Linemen, 2 Beer Boars, 2 Norse Berserkers, 2 Ulfwereners, and 2 Valkyries, as well as 4 balls, 2 double-sided Blood Bowl coins, and 2 turn and re-roll markers. The Norse Team rules can be found in Spike! Journal Issue 14.

The 14th Issue of Spike! Journal, which focuses on the Norse Teams of Blood Bowl, and includes all of their new rules, backgrounds, star player profiles, a team spotlight, and plenty more fun.

A double-sided pitch and dugouts for your Norse team, depicting the frigid lands of the north, complete with frozen lakes, fjords and plenty of snow, and the other side depicts the same scene but after disaster struck and the ice began to crack.

A deck of 44 cards to easily reference the rules, stats, positions, and lots of other useful info for your Norse team, and a set of 7 icy blue Norse Team dice with golden coloured pips, and the logo of the Dragonship on the 6-face.



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