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Broken Realms and Space Marine Heroes: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

A new era comes to the Age of Sigmar, a new festive commemorative miniature, and brand new Space Marine Heroes, all up for pre-order and will be out on November 14th!

A whole new saga for Age of Sigmar, Broken Realms: Morathi, and a huge new set of 38 miniatures including 2 brand-new exclusives called Shadow & Pain, a new commemorative character to put you in a festive mood, Brewmaster-General, Jakkob Bugmansson XI, and series 3 of Space Marine Heroes, this time taken over by the Death Guard!

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The brand new, legendary, master of the brew, Jakkob Bugmansson XI miniature comes right in time for Christmas and will be available until January 4th, get yours now! It even comes with a choice of two different heads!

Full of both narrative missions and a bunch of new rules, Broken Realms: Morathi, the first book of the Broken Realms series, is a welcome new release to any Age of Sigmar player, and a perfect start to a new era.

This huge new set is perfect for starting a new army, it includes a whopping 38 miniatures,

2 of which are brand new exclusive champions that only exist in this set currently: Melusai Ironscale, a champion of the Melusai, and Lord of Pain, a champion of the Hedonites of Slaanesh. Whether you are a collector of either Daughters of Khaine or Hedonites of Slaanesh, you will find this set perfect for you.

Discipline your enemies with the sorceress Darusa Kraeth and her Darkling Covens troops, and combine your force with the rules in Broken Realms: Morathi to use the cunning Kraeth’s Shadowhost Warscroll Battalion, a force that can change strategy to fit your army. A set of 21 miniatures.

This agile unit of elite ranged troops, led by a Lord-Veritant, Keiser Ven Brecht, and combined with the rules in Broken Realms: Morathi they will become the Ven Brecht’s Black Watch Warscroll Battalion, hunters of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, the perfect force to outflank your enemies! This set contains 22 miniatures.

With the crushing force of three terrifying Chaos Chariots, which can also be built as Gorebeast Chariots, Gresh and his two champions strike fear into the hearts of their foes!

Combine them with the Broken Realms: Morathi book to unleash the Gresh’s Iron Reapers Warscroll Battalion, and take advantage of Gresh's bonuses for your army.

The soul harvesting trio of sea-beast riders are nimble hunters, consisting of a duo of Akhelian Allopexes and the Akhelian King, Sythus Nemmetar, combined with Broken Realms: Morathi, they become even more efficient at slaying your enemies!

The popular Space Marines Heroes come back with the new release of Series 3. These Death Guard miniatures are highly detailed, can be push-fit, and even pop off their frame without needing to use sprue cutters. Get one of the 6 heroes as a random surprise, or buy a full dispenser and get all 6 at once!



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