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Combat Patrol: Aeldari: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

This week we're getting plenty of new Aeldari releases, including a Combat Patrol box, the Avatar of Khaine in his full fiery and rage-filled glory, and many new Aeldari units to bolster your army, as well as a new Warhammer 40K Mission Pack, all up for pre-order and will be out on April 2nd.

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The dwindling remnants of the once-great and proud Aeldari people, left after most of their society fell to their dark desires, now travel through space on their massive craftworlds, looking to safeguard their remaining people against a hostile and deadly galaxy, and shelter them from the sins of their predecessors.

This Combat Patrol box comes with 19 units equal to a Power Level of around 25 and includes a Farseer, a Wraithlord, 6 Windriders, and 10 Guardians (who can be built as Guardian Defenders with a Heavy Weapons Platform, or Storm Guardians with a Serpent's Scale Platform).

A fiery shard of Khaine, the Aeldari god of violence and murder, called to aid the Aeldari in combat and bring them to victory, capable of withstanding massive punishment with ease and dishing out much worse than he received both with his hateful weapon, the Wailing Doom, and by inspiring his allies to greater deeds of violence and bloodshed.

The Avatar of Khaine can be built with three different choices of heads, and three different forms for his weapon the Wailing Doom, a sword, an axe, and a spear.

As celebrated a tactician as he is formidable a warrior, an Autarch is an exemplary asset to any Aeldari force, tempered by countless wars, both as fighters and commanders, they

bring centuries of knowledge onto the battlefield to lead their army to victory.

The Autarch can be built with different Aspect Warrior Paths in mind, and has many choices of weaponry and apparel at their disposal.

For weapons, the Autarch gets a choice of a Star Glaive, a Scorpion Chainsword, a Shuriken Pistol, a Death Spinner, a Reaper Launcher, or a Dragon Fusion Gun, as well as a choice of Howling Banshee mask and Warp Spider Jump Generator, and as for appearance, they get a choice of three different heads, two different torsos, and a back mounted banner, as well as being compatible with the older, Winged Autarch for even more customization options.

You can find the updated rules for the Autarch on the Warhammer Community site.

A unit of Aeldari nomad warriors, who left the structured and disciplined life of the craftworlds to seek their own direction in life, they are skilled trackers and covert combat specialists who make use of Cameleoline Cloaks and Gloom Field Generators to vanish from sight and assist their allies in operations that require a certain amount of finesse.

This set comes with a choice of many heads, including 3 helmeted, 3 helmeted and hooded, 3 male heads, and 2 female heads, as well as a shrine to Kurnous the Hunter.

A trio of gallant jousters mounted on nimble jetbikes, armed with powerful laser lances that burn through their enemies before thrusting through them in a destructive blow which can topple the heaviest of opponents with ease.

This set comes with 3 Shining Spears warriors, one of which can be built as a Shining Spears Exarch who comes with a choice of a Star Lance or a Paragon Sabre with a Shimmershield, as well as a Shuriken Cannon on their jetbike, and many choices of heads.

Balancing the speed of a jetbike and the expert stealth skills of a Ranger, the Shroud Runners take advantage of their bikes to land devastating blows from afar while evading retaliation, making them the perfect choice for special tactical maneuvers.

This set comes with many choices of poses for the snipers and pilots, as well as many choices of heads.

A deck of 66 cards for setting up Warhammer 40K Tempest of War missions with ease and getting right into the action, which include 40 Secondary Missions cards, 12 Mission Rule cards, 6 Primary Missions cards, 6 Deployments cards, 2 New Orders Core Stratagem cards, a Rules leaflet, and 6 Double-sided Tokens.



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