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Combat Patrol: Tyranids and Age of Sigmar: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The Tyranids are finally getting a much-awaited update with a new Codex, Combat Patrol box and much more, and a new season of Age of Sigmar in Season of War: Thondia as well as new scenery to accompany it, all up for pre-order and will be out on April 16th.

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The gluttonous Tyranids are finally getting an updated 9th Edition 128-page Codex book with all the new rules, lore, artworks, and plenty more to get your army ready for a massacre.

A ceaseless swarm of ravenous alien predators guided by the single will of their Hive Mind to gorge on entire worlds until nothing but dust remains, the Tyranids engulf the battlefield with an unending tide of beastly monstrosities led by their more intelligent kin with the single purpose of consuming all life in the galaxy.

This Combat Patrol box comes with 44 units equal to a Power Level of around 25 and includes a Hive Tyrant (who can be built as a Winged Hive Tyrant or a Swarmlord), 3 Tyranid Warriors (one of which can be built as a Tyranid Prime), 36 Termagants, and 3 Ripper Swarms.

Quick and powerful airborne Tyranids who infect their unsuspecting victims with Ripper gestation pods to populate the battlefield with newly born Ripper Swarms, the Parasites of Mortrex are a dangerous foe not only in their ability to quickly overwhelm their enemies with new Ripper Swarms but also in their own combat prowess with cruel claws and high mobility.

A set of 70 Datacards to easily reference Tyranids rules, stratagems, synaptic imperatives, and psychic powers during battle, and 20 purple dice with white swirls and pips and the Tyranids bioform icon on the 6-face.

Turmoil rises once again in Ghur, as the Era of the Beast comes to a crucial point when war breaks out in Thondia, an ancient continent of bones where both primal beasts and forgotten powers lie buried beneath the earth.

This 112-page book marks a new season for Age of Sigmar and includes a new narrative, plenty of new lore and artworks depicting the land of Thondia in detail, rules for the new Krondspine Incarnate unit type which plays a vital role in the new story (a miniature of which is available in the Realmscape: Thondian Strongpoint box below), rules for building a Thondian outpost, and much more.

A set of 5 terrain pieces, a double-sided game board, and a Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur miniature to recreate the continent of Thondia and immerse yourself in the new narrative that takes place in it.

This set includes a Cleansing Aqualith, Megadroth Remains, a Domicile Shell, a Domicile Shell with a Winch, a Guardian Idol, and most importantly, a Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur, the new unit introduced in Season of War: Thondia.



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