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Dark Angels, Space Marines, and Necrons: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

A new Dark Angels Codex Supplement, Combat Patrol set, and Datacards, new Space Marines sets, and more, all up for pre-order and will be out on February 6th!

The Dark Angels got a new update, with a new Codex Supplement, a Combat Patrol set, and Datacards, there are also new Space Marines sets and even a new Necrons miniature.

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The new Dark Angels supplement for the Space Marines Codex comes with lots of lore, a Dark Angels bestiary with info on every character and unit, Dark Angels-specific rules, 23 datasheets, Bespoke Crusade rules, Stratagems, and more.

A new Combat Patrol box set for the reclusive yet devout Dark Angels, with around a 25 Power Level, perfect for beginners who want a Combat Patrol-sized army in a box, or to supplement your existing Dark Angels army, it includes a Primaris Chaplain, 3 Interceptors, a Redemptor Dreadnought, 5 Primaris Intercessors, 2 Dark Angels Primaris upgrade sprues, and a Dark Angels transfer sheet.

This set of 31 Datacards is a good reference to Dark Angels Stratagems and psychic powers during battle, it comes with 7 core Stratagems, 17 Dark Angels Stratagems, a Smite psychic power, and 6 psychic power cards for the Interromancy discipline.

A swift and dangerous war machine to add to your Space Marines army which can be built into one of three types, the Hailstrike, a fast anti-infantry speeder specializing in removing whole groups of light units, the Hammerstrike, a devastating force of melta blasts and bursts of rockets designed to destroy defense lines and fortifications such as bunkers and trench lines, and the Thunderstrike, specialized for hunting other tanks and armored vehicles, using missiles and a las-talon to get the upper hand against foes who use a lot of armored vehicles.

A heavily armored Eradicator Squad, a heavy support squad which rains ranged destruction on the enemy while coming out unscathed, donning a Gravis Mk X power armor and melta rifles or heavy melta rifles, one can instead hold a multi-melta and also be turned into a Sergeant. A great heavy support addition to any Space Marines army.

An elite group of three warriors, 1st Company Veterans of their respective Chapter, who prefer the ways of close-combat, wielding their master-crafted power swords and storm shields, with an option to turn one into a Sergeant. the set also comes with multiple heads, a tilting plate, pistol, and holster variants, and for the Sergeant, a plasma pistol, and neo-volkite pistol.

A Cryptek who wields terror and paranoia as weapons, a Psychomancer manipulates the minds and psyche of its' enemies by conjuring phantasms and hard-light constructs, putting them in a state of crippling fear, and if all else fails, its' abyssal lance will make short work of the ones who didn't run.



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