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Kill Team: Into the Dark: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

This week is all about Kill Team, with a brand new boxset Kill Team: Into the Dark where the Imperial Navy and Kroot Farstalkers battle it out on a derelict Space Hulk, as well as the Kill Team: Annual 2022 and separate teams and other goodies from Kill Teams: Moroch and Rogue Trader, all up for pre-order and will be out on September 10th.

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When Gallowdark, a space hulk lost in the warp for millennia suddenly returns, a Kroot Farstalker Kinband and a team of Imperial Navy Breachers rush to uncover the spoils the dark derelict holds within it. Yet, they are quick to realize treasure is not the only thing the old ship brought back from the warp.

This new Kill Team expansion box contains everything you need to get into the game, including a 144-page Kill Team Core Rules book, a 120-page Kill Team: Into the Dark book, 24 miniatures making two full kill teams, which include the Imperial Navy Breachers and the Kroot Farstalker Kinband, 54 Killzone terrain pieces, comprised of Gallowdark terrain and Kill Team Barricades, and all the other accessories needed to start playing Kill Team.

A team of covert Space Marine operatives clad in stealthy Phobos armour and armed with speciality gear designed for secret operations and ambushes.

This team of 10 Space Marines in Phobos armour can also be used as Incursors or Infiltrators in Warhammer 40K games.

These once battle-hardened Astra Militarum soldiers turned away from the Imperium in favour of Chaos and all the gifts it promises to bestow, now known as the Blooded, they channel the brutality of their Chaos Gods to crush their former allies.

This team of 10 Traitor Guard, a Traitor Enforcer and a mutated Traitor Ogryn can be fielded as many different specialist units for your Kill Team, including Sharpshooter, Brimstone Grenadier, Trench Sweeper and many others, and can also be used as Chaos Space Marines in Warhammer 40K games.

Servants of the Imperium working in the warp under a protective Geller Field turned monstrous and grotesque by a biomechanical plague that drives them to spread it.

This team of 23 Gellerpox Infected - each of which is unique to this set - includes Vulgrar Thrice-cursed, 3 Nightmare Hulks, 4 Glitchings, 3 Gellerpox Mutants, and 12 Mutoid

Vermin (Cursemites, Eyestingers, and Sludge-Grubs).

Traders and explorers of the cold and treacherous void, daring war-torn and unknown regions of space with their teams of ragged mercenaries to document unknown space and capitalize on any treasure they may find, as decreed by the Emperor himself. They are handed the Warrant of Trade as proof - an ancient document passed through generations of Rogue Traders - so that their authority may never be denied. Elucia Vhane is one such Rogue Trader.

This team of 10 Elucidian Starstriders includes the titular Elucia Vhane, a Death Cult Executioner, a Rejuvent Adept, a Lectro-Maester, 5 Voidsmen, and a ship's Canid.

An annual 152-page Kill Team supplement book, containing Kill Teams from White Dwarf releases, all the rules and lore for said teams, as well as 15 new missions and much more.

In the frontier world of Moroch, the workers - fallen to chaos - have rebelled against their Imperial masters and are now nearing total victory over them, yet said Blooded must face a new threat in the form of a Phobos Strike Team, called upon to push back the rebels and restore control over the ruined world.

This 96-page Codex supplement for Kill Team has all the rules, lore, artworks, and plenty more for both the Phobos Strike Team and the Blooded.

A set of 8 Terrain pieces and a double-sided game board depicting a derelict Imperial settlement, comprised of a Landing Pad, a Vox-Antenna, an Auspex Shrine, an STC Hab-Bunker, 3 Stockades, and a Stockade with Doors.



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