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Kill Team: Nachmund: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

This week we welcome a new Kill Team expansion, Kill Team: Nachmund, with Corsair Voidscarred and Legionary kill teams as well as terrain and dice to represent either team, along with these, there are also a new Kill Team: Chalnath supplement, a Killzone Chalnath terrain set and the Novitiates and Pathfinders Kill Teams, all up for pre-order and will be out on March 19th.

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The conflict in Nachmund keeps escalating, as two deadly factions, the Aeldari Corsairs and the Chaos Space Marines Legionaries collide in a battle for control over the depraved and violent Nachmund Gauntlet, where chaos and anarchy rule.

This Kill Team expansion set includes a 96-page Kill Team: Nachmund Rules Manual,

20 miniatures to build full Corsair Voidscarred and Legionary Kill Teams, 18 Sector Mechanicus Terrain Pieces, and a double-sided gameboard.

A set of 20 black dice with orange pips and the Corsair icon on the 6-face representing the Corsair Voidscarred, and a set of 20 orange dice with black pips and the Legionaries helmet on the 6-face representing the Legionaries of the Chaos Space Marines.

A Kill Team supplement book depicting the sudden conflict erupting in the Vedik System of the Chalnath Expanse, when an Adepta Sororitas force crashes the trade negotiations of the T'au Empire in Vedik and an all-out war breaks out.

This 96-page Kill Team supplement details the rules, lore, and other info for the Adepta Sororitas Novitiates and T’au Pathfinders Kill Teams as well as the Chalnath war zone itself, it also includes 9 new missions and is recommended to use in combination with the Kill Team Core Book.

A team of fledgeling Sisters of Battle recruits out to practice real combat and earn the favour of their order, they are lightly armoured and geared, and eager to prove themselves up to par to their more experienced sisters.

This Kill Team of 10 Adepta Sororitas fighters includes 9 Novitiate Militants (Which can be built as various other tactical roles), and a Novitiate Superior (with plenty of customization options).

A team of stealthy T'au Pathfinder operatives, specializing in infiltrating enemy forces and carrying out covert missions, armed with long-range weapons and accompanied by 3 Drones.

This Kill Team of 10 T'au fighters includes Marksmen, a Drone Controller, an Assault Grenadier, a Medical Technician, and 3 Drones, and includes a plethora of customization options for all of them.

A set of 7 terrain pieces depicting a ruined and dilapidated Imperial city in the Chalnath Expanse, with plenty of cover for your Kill Team to duck behind, it includes 5 Ruined Walls and 2 Chalnath Ruined Buildings.



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