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Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

A new Kill Team collection emerges in this week's GW releases, with the new Kill Team: Pariah Nexus set, and the return of Killzones featuring new terrain expansions for the Munitorum, Fronteris, and Mechanicus sectors, all up for pre-order and will be out on March 6th!

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This new Kill Team expansion is set in a mysterious and silent area of space called the Pariah Nexus, in which Ultramarines are fighting to retake the Imperial world Vertigus II from the Necron legions of the Szarekhan Dynasty. Wage war between Primaris Space Marines and Necrons in a sprawling alien sepulcher inside the depths of a Necrons tomb world.

This Kill Team set consists of a Space Marines kill team which includes a Captain wielding a master-crafted heavy bolt rifle and 5 Heavy Intercessors, a Necrons kill team which includes a Chronomancer, and 5 Flayed Ones, a Double-sided game board with two locations in a Necrons tomb complex, lots of Necrons terrain, the Kill Team: Pariah Nexus softback book, and more.

A 112-page book full of rules, tactics, backgrounds, and missions to play Kill Team in 6 environments, which include Death World Forests, Sector Mechanicus, Sector Munitorum, Wall of Martyrs, Sector Fronteris, and Sector Sanctoris, additionally, each set of rules contains an Environment table, 2 Narrative play missions, 2 Matched play missions, and 12 Tactics, all adding up to 24 missions and 96 Tactics.

A set of terrain pieces to build a Sector Fronteris battlefield, a field of Imperial ruins at the ever-changing boundaries of the Imperium, perfect for guerilla warfare tactics.

The set includes a Double-sided game board, a Bunker with roof, 3 Large ruined walls, 3 Medium ruined walls, 3 Small ruined walls, and 3 Individual ammo crates.

A Sector Munitorum battlefield in a box, a supply district providing the Imperium's armies with weapons, munitions, and other necessities to further the advance of its armies, but these vast hoards of supplies often draw the attention of raiders and thieves.

This set includes a Double-sided game board, 4 Munitorum armored containers, 12 Barrels, 24 Ammo crates in two sizes, 2 Tracked industrial vehicles.

A set of terrain to build your own Sector Mechanicus battlefield, the vast expanses of industrial pipelines and machinery of the Sector Mechanicus are spread over myriad Imperial worlds, covering them in fields of metal and smoke, the lifeline of Humanity's war effort, it is at a constant threat from the enemies of the Imperium of Man.

The set includes a Double-sided game board, 10 Large pipelines, 3 of which are broken, 2 smaller pipes which are the ends of a pipeline, more elements like junction boxes, chimneys, and silos.



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