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Kill Team, Warhammer 40K and Necromunda: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Kill Team: Moroch - a brand new Kill Team expansion box continuing the fight for the Nachmund Gauntlet, a new Chaos Knights Codex, Datacards, and actual Knights, and new Necromunda terrain kits to further immerse yourself in the Ash Wastes, all up for pre-order and will be out on June 4th.

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Moroch, a frontier world in the Nachmund Gauntlet, is being barricaded by the Imperium in preparation for an imminent attack by the forces of Chaos in a desperate attempt to defend the Nachmund Gauntlet, a key strategical asset to traversing the Great Rift.

This new Kill Team expansion box contains a 96-page Kill Team: Moroch Rules book,

23 miniatures making two full kill teams, which include the Phobos Strike Team, a team of 10 Primaris Space Marines that you can build as Infiltrators or Incursors and extra upgrades and mine markers, and the Blooded Kill Team, a team of 12 Blooded warriors of chaos, 10 of which are available for the first time in this expansion, and the other two are a Traitor Enforcer and a Traitor Ogryn (this set also includes plenty of upgrades and components to build specialist units), as well as 8 Fronteris terrain pieces, which include a Landing Pad, a Vox-Antenna, an Auspex Shrine, an STC Hab-Bunker, Stockades with Doors,

and 3 Stockades.

Two sets of Kill Team dice, the first one is 20 orange dice with black pips and a Phobos Strike Team icon on the 6-face, and the second is 20 black dice with orange pips and a Blooded trooper helmet icon on the 6-face.

Once proud and hallowed engines of the Emperor of Mankind, these colossal and imposing machines of destruction - their once-noble pilots corrupted and turned away from the Imperium - now walk on the side of Chaos, towering over armies as if they were mere vermin, and bringing nothing but death and decay wherever they are called on.

This 112-page Codex contains all the new rules, lore, artworks, and everything else needed to command your Chaos Knights.

A massive heavily corrupted Chaos Knights, who wields warp energy in battle, its dark taint mutating its enemies as it passes through the battlefield, and consuming the rest with destructive vulkite attacks.

This Knight Abominant can also be built as a Dreadblade and comes with a lot of customization options in the form of weapons, faceplates, and accessories.

Cruel and violent Chaos Knights who stalk their prey as a pack, tearing down anything that stands in their way with grotesque blades and twisted claws, shredding and ripping their enemy into nothing like rabid beasts.

This set of 2 War Dog Karnivores can be also built as War Dog Stalkers or War Dog Brigands, and can take the role of a pack of Dreadblades as well, they have many weapon choices such as a reaper chaintalon and a slaughterclaw, as well as a choice of a diabolus heavy stubber or a havoc multi-launcher, they also come with many extra accessories.

A set of 50 Datacards to easily reference Chaos Knights rules, core and house-specific stratagems, and psychic powers during battle.

In the arid and deadly environment of the Ash Wastes, shelter is the only option for survival, the Nomad denizens of these harsh lands build rough structures all across the sand-swept wastes. The Hab Module provides a semi-mobile form of shelter from the elements as well as communication capabilities for those who claim it.

These terrain kits come with many extra parts and accessories to customize your regular and extended Hab Modules to your liking.

The Nomads build large platforms and walkways to bridge between their elevated homes and structures safely and away from the radiation and dangers of the wastes.

This terrain kit contains a Large platform, a Tall platform, a Small platform, 4 Walkways of different lengths, and an option for railings and industrial antennae.



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