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Lumineth Realm-Lords: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

A huge new release comes to Age of Sigmar with the Lumineth Realm-Lords, consisting of eleven new kits, new books, and more, all up for pre-order and will be out on April 3rd!

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A 152-page book depicting the tale of the Lumineth Realm-lords’ fight against the legions of Death, with new lore, art, rules, Allegiance abilities, and more. If you already own the original Lumineth Realm-lords battletome, this book completes all the missing information that is included with the new updated Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords.

The newly updated 136-page battletome, filled with rules, units, Allegiance abilities, spell lores, and warscrolls, perfect for any collector of the Lumineth Realm-lords.

Easy reference cards for rules in the midst of battle, included are 28 cards representing every Lumineth Realm-lords warscroll, for referencing units, endless spells, and scenery, and two push sheets of double-sided tokens.

The composed and resolute Lord Regent Supreme of the Tyrionic nations of Hysh, riding on his lightcourser steed and wielding his lance Daemonbane, he casts dazzling beams of light at his foes, he is the perfect commander to lead your Lumineth Realm-lords army. Lyrior Uthralle can alternatively be assembled as a Vanari Lord Regent.

One of the seven legendary wind spirits of Hysh, who manifested into a nimble archer to protect the Ten Paradises, conjuring magical sandstorms, and raining enchanted arrows on the battlefield using Enathrai, his magical bow. Sevireth can be alternatively assembled as a Hurakan Spirit of the Wind.

A duo of twin heroes in one unit, experts of both magic and melee, combining spells and close combat while wielding their weapons, the godly blade Altairi and the divine staff Dianaer, a perfect harmony of support and destruction. Ellania and Ellathor are able to join any army with an Order general.

A beautiful piece of floating terrain for the Lumineth Realm-lords, depicting a Shrine Luminor which hovers over the battlefield, allowing you to garrison your army for various powerful benefits for wizards and commanders, and also spreads casting bonuses to assist your nearby wizards.

An arcane symbol-mage who paints magical aelven runes onto the land, supporting allies and harming enemies while walking over the manipulated earth in their long daethar shoes, and if an enemy was to wander too close, their sword will make short work of them.

A champion of the Lumineth who rallies and inspires your Lumineth troops with their blessed magical World Banner, while also unleashing the essence of a Hyshian dawn to blind and sear your enemies.

A swift and precise force of ranged cavalry mounted on treerunner steeds who run through dense terrain with ease to flank their enemies, these mounted archers can also use their bows even in melee combat, and can work in good synergy with a Hurakan Windmage.

The wisest and most respected of their order, regarded as kin even by the winds of their homeland, these aelimentiri ride on a stirring aelementor wind, gliding across the battlefield casting spells, and supporting their Hurakan Windcharger allies.

A master of both combat and magic and the embodiment of what it means to be Lumineth, they are tasked with hunting and cataloging any form of lore and knowledge in the Mortal Realms. These warriors prefer to work alone and favor solo combat away from the rest of your units, becoming tougher to beat when on their own, making them perfect for taking objectives ahead of your forces.

A powerful and accurate ballista made of strong dreamwood, firing bolts across the battlefield targeting key units, and enhancing precision using their messenger hawk. It gains more shots while staying stationary and can also fire a blinding shot.

These aelf swordmasters are equal parts warriors and scholars, devouring as much time to studying battle theory as they do to master combat, wielding sunmetal greatswords which they use for either heavy single strikes or flurries of hits, and banners woven from magical thread by the Scinari to protect them from the spells of their foes.



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