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Necromunda: House of Artifice And Blood Bowl: New Releases Up For Preorder | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

House of Artifice, a new Necromunda book along with brand new miniatures, tactic cards, and dice to bolster the ranks of your gang for the offensive, and Dwarf and Skaven Pitch, new cards, and dice for Blood Bowl.

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A brand new book for Necromunda, which includes new lore, wargear, and rules for the Van Saar gang. Read up on the history of the House of Artifice, and everything you need to unleash its' full potential.

Dangerous grav-cutter riding Neoteks and high-tech weapons wielding Archeoteks, the Van Saar Archeoteks & Sky-cutters set is the perfect choice to bolster your Van Saar gang's ranks, it includes 4 Neoteks on grav-cutters, and 2 Archeoteks, one equipped with a rad beamer and the other with a spider-rig.

A set of 26 cards for your Van Saar gang, used to add tactics that will help your gang to gain the advantage in the underhive, these include 18 Van Saar gang-specific Tactics cards, and 8 Blank Fighter cards, and a set of House of Artifice Dice, styled to perfectly fit your Van Saar gang, and include all the dice needed to play Necromunda.

A great pickup for those who missed its' first release, this is a double-sided pitch with matching dugouts, designed to fit the Skaven and Dwarf teams, with a stone pitch on one side and subterranean tunnels on the other, it also includes a Subterranean Weather Table, with exclusive weather effects fitting the underground setting.

Skaven and Dwarf Teams Card Packs

Reference cards for Skaven and Dwarf teams, redesigned for the second season rule set, these 44 card sets include Player Reference cards, Star Player cards, Special Play cards, and Blank Player cards for all 5 positions.

Skaven and Dwarf Teams Dice Packs

These sets of 7 dice are themed after the Skaven or Dwarf teams, for the Dwarves, you get a sturdy stone design with blue markings befitting a proud Dwarf, and for the Skaven, you get a dirty bronze design with warpstone green markings, representing the Skaven aesthetics.



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