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Orruk Warclans: Kruleboyz: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Continuing with the trend of the past few Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition releases, a beloved Orruk Warclan, the Kruleboyz, gets a few new additions in the form of huge monstrous mounted beasts one of which carries a new wily leader, all up for pre-order and will be out on September 25th.

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A new mighty shaman to lead your Kruleboyz into battle, perched on top of his terrifying mount, the Corpse-Rippa Vulcha Killabeak, an enormous winged monster, granting him a commanding presence as he watches over the battlefield from up high, controlling his orruks in battle while casting curses and spells at the enemies below.

This kit lets you build Gobsprakk, The Mouth of Mork on Killabeak, or a Killaboss on Corpse-Rippa Vulcha.

A foul and kunnin' Snatchaboss, famous among the Kruleboyz for his large menagerie full of the strangest and most terrifying of beasts he could conquer, Skumdrekk rides into battle on his favorite of said beasts, the enormous sludgeraker Sloppklaw, the pair sneaking around the battlefield and jumping out on opportune moments to snatch their enemies up and destroy the rest with unending waves of attacks from Skumdrekk's snatcha-stikk and Slopklaw's numerous toxic appendages, while on his offtime, Skumdrekk gambles with his Kountin' Krew on which of his allies will fall first in battle, causing those around him to go into a frenzy and fight even harder.

This kit lets you build Swampboss Skumdrekk, or a Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast.

A vile and massive beast, known for stalking the marshes and swamps (maybe even mires) for unsuspecting prey, the Marshcrawla Sloggoth carries numerous Kruleboys grots who mimic the sound of Kragnos' hooves on their drums, throwing their allies into a frenzy to bolster their effectiveness in battle, while attacking vulnerable targets with their numerous snatcha-stikks and catcha nets.

This kit comes with a Marshcrawla Sloggoth carrying a howdah full of Kruleboyz grots, and includes two head choices for the Sloggoth and a choice of catchin' nets and snatchin' stikks for two of the grots.

A crew of kunnin' Kruleboyz infantry units, who confuse and terrify their opponents into submission with cruel tricks and deranged battle cries, that being said, they don't shy away from more traditional ways of combat as they are also armed to their teeth with a large assortment of wicked stikkas, wicked hackas, and of course the infamous skareshields.

This kit lets you build 10 Gutrippaz, and comes with a large variety of options to choose from as all the heads, weapons and shields can be used with each one of the bodies allowing for many varied combinations, the kit includes wicked stikkas, wicked hackas, and skareshields, and also lets you build a Gutrippa Boss, a Gutrippa banner, and two Gutrippa musicians.

An ornate Nexus Syphon, a centerpiece in any Sigmarite Stronghold, that draws geomantic energy to protect and power the stronghold it's located in. (It's also the perfect specimen to be smashed by your Kruleboyz).



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