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T'au Empire and Much More: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The long-awaited 9th Edition update for the T'au Empire has finally arrived, with everything you need to start fighting for the Greater Good, including a new Codex, Combat Patrol, Many new units and other goodies, a new Warzone Nachmund book, Crusade Mission Pack, two new Space Marine units, new Sisters of Battle dice, and lastly a new issue of Spike! Almanac 2021 for all you Blood Bowl players, all up for pre-order and will be out on February 5th.

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A 136-page Warhammer 40K 9th Edition Codex depicting all the updated rules, lore and history, art, and plenty more, to lead your T'au Empire army into war.

A T'au Combat Patrol in a box, with plenty of units adding up to a Power Level of approximately 25, ready to crush all who do not follow the wisdom of the Greater Good.

This set contains 23 miniatures including an Ethereal, a Cadre Fireblade, an XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit with 2 Drones, 3 XV25 Stealth Battlesuits with a Drone and a Homing Beacon, and 10 Fire Warriors with 2 Drones and a Support Turret (who can be built as a Strike Team or a Breacher Team).

A powerful leader in the T'au army, utilizing covert tactics, sabotage, and the many tricks up his sleeves to gain supremacy in combat, from scanning the most terrifying foes for weak points using his structural analyser, offering his allies a great advantage against them, to sniping enemies from the shadows with his custom pulse weapon Shade (and everybody knows: the edgier the name of your gun, the greater it's firepower).

Ethereals are great spiritual guides in the ways of the Greater Good, taking up arms to inspire their comrades in battle, gliding over the field on their hover drones and reminding them of the teachings of their people, but also capable of defending themselves if the need arises using their ritualistic honour staves.

A set of 50 Datacards to easily reference all the rules (Stratagems and Invocations) needed to successfully lead your T'au army to victory, and 20 white dice with red pips and the T'au Empire Fire Caste icon on the 6-face.

A new supplement for Warhammer 40K continuing the narrative of War Zone Nachmund, depicting the doomed, ever-wartorn Vigilus System's dire last stand against the looming shadow of Abaddon the Despoiler and his black crusade against the Emperor of Mankind and all who follow him.

War Zone Nachmund: Vigilus Alone comes with plenty of new rules for the Order of the Bloody Rose, the Vanguard Spearhead Space Marine Army of Renown, global Crusade rules, and plenty more, also including a War Zone Nachmund: Vigilus Alone Campaign Poster.

A new 120-page expansion book for the Warhammer 40K Crusade campaigns, with 24 narrative-driven missions in War Zone Nachmund, with new Wars of Faith mechanics and plenty of other new rules.

A stalwart Space Marine Captain clad in heavy Gravis Armour and armed with a plethora of iconic Space Marine weaponry, capable of dishing out significant damage to the enemy while simultaneously leading his allies in tactical ingenuity.

The Captain in Gravis Armour can be built helmeted or unhelmeted and be equipped with a choice of a chainsword, a power sword, or a powerfist, and a boltstorm gauntlet.

A mighty seasoned veteran of the Space Marines, bearing a precious standard on the battlefield to inspire his allies with depictions of ancient victories and heroic tales.

The Primaris Ancient can be built helmeted or unhelmeted, hold two different banners, and wield a bolt rifle or power sword.

A set of 20 black dice with blood-red pips representing the Adepta Sororitas Order of The Bloody Rose, and a Bloody Rose insignia on the 6-face.

A summary of 2021's Spike Journals, with all the rules, background, and other info on the four Blood Bowl teams of 2021 (Necromantic Horror, Imperial Nobility, Black Orc, and Khorne Teams), and a whole lot more, all in one book.



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