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Warcry: Heart of Ghur: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

This week we welcome a new boxset - Heart of Ghur - for the New Edition of Warcry, as two new warbands battle it out in the grim and deadly Gnarlwood to secure the riches waiting within, all up for pre-order and will be out on August 13th.

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In the deep, wild Heart of Ghur lies a dark and twisting forest where the woods themselves seek to devour anyone unlucky enough to stumble in, yet at its center lies the ancient Ravening Ruin of Talaxis, which holds great riches in its somber halls in the form of countless powerful artefacts and relics that possess immense power, driving savage, opportunistic warbands to try and brave the deadly woods for a chance at the treasure.

This new boxset for the New Edition of Warcry contains 2 new Warbands: the Horns of Hashut, followers of the titular god of fire and greed, which include a Ruinator Alpha,

a Ruinator, 3 Shatterers, and 5 Demolishers with many weapon choices, and the Rotmire Creed, a group of strange swamp dwellers who employ alchemy to create potent toxins, which include a Witherlord, a Bloated One, 2 Carrion Catchers, and 6 Mirefolk Outcasts with many weapon choices, a set of 18 terrain pieces to recreate Gnarlwood, which includes a Watchtower, 2 Gnarloaks, 4 Rope Bridges, a Rib Platform, and 10 Obstacles such as ruins, bones, and more.

The box also includes a 160-page Warcry: Core Book, full of all the rules, artworks and lore to get started with the New Edition, a 64-page Warband Tome: Rot and Ruin, full of all the rules and lore of the two new warbands, and all the other essentials needed to start playing such as Dice, Cards, Tokens, Double Sided Gaming Board, and more.



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