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Warhammer 40K, Kill Team & Necromunda: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

This week we're getting the new 2022 Chapter Approved Mission Pack War Zone Nachmund: Grand Tournament for Warhammer 40K, a new Kill Team Starter Set, Codex, two new Kill Teams in a box, Kill Zone terrain, and new Necromunda Hive Scum fighters for your Outcast Gang (or any house really) and plenty of new upgrades, all up for pre-order and will be out on January 29th.

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A new 2022 edition of Chapter Approved, with 9 new missions for both Incursion and Strike Force (making 18 total), and a 56-page Munitorum Field Manual 2022 that depicts new and updated rules for competitive games, including 23 secondary objectives.

An essential for anyone who plans on playing Warhammer 40K competitively in the upcoming 2022 season.

A set of 11 Terrain pieces and a double-sided game board depicting Ork structures and scenery in their beloved crude and dilapidated style, including 4 Ramshackle Walls,

3 Ramshackle Barricades, 3 Scrap Piles, and an Oil Pump.

A new 96-page Codex for Kill Team originally available in the Kill Team: Octarius box set, depicting all the rules, lore, art, and everything else you need to play as Veteran Guardsmen and Ork Kommandos Kill Teams, including 9 Octarius-specific missions.

Two full Kill Teams in a box and everything else you need to start playing Kill Team right away, including a 96-page Core Rules book, a 56-page Recruit book with backgrounds for the Kill Teams, and many missions to teach you the basics, 22 Miniatures of two full Kill Teams of Veteran Guardsmen and Ork Kommandos, 6 Terrain pieces for each team, and all the other things you need to start playing.

A full Kill Team of 10 elite Ork Kommandos, accompanied by a Kommando Grot and a Bomb Squig.

Kommandos, unlike most Orks, are masters of guerilla tactics and covert warfare, always waiting for the right time to jump out of the shadows and give the enemy a nasty surprise, also a great way to add some covert tactics to your Warhammer 40K Orks army.

A Kill Team of 10 Veteran Guardsmen garbed in the terrifying visage of the Death Korps of Krieg, hardened in countless battles into tenacious and calculating killing machines, striking fear into anyone who would witness them in war.

This set also comes with a Medikit miniature and is also a great addition to your Warhammer 40K Astra Militarum army.

A group of 4 sleazy Hive Scum from the deepest recesses of Hive society (which is already pretty scummy as it is), ready to join any gang willing to take them, whether they are Outcasts or an established House, these four don't care, and only fight for hire.

A set of 26 Tactics Cards for the Underdog gangs with plenty of tricks and deception to balance the odds, 12 of which can be used universally by any gang.

A huge set of upgrades for the Delaque gang, full of weapons, accessories, and alternative heads to customize your gang with, including 2 Flamers, 4 Lasguns, 2 Long Rifles, 2 Web Pistols, 2 Plasma Pistols, 2 Plasma Guns, 2 Web Guns, 2 Meltaguns, 2 Throwing Knives,

2 Heavy Flamers, 2 Grav Guns, 10 Alternative Heads, and 4 Scopes.



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