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Warhammer 40K: Leagues of Votann and Necromunda: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

The Squats are back (for the first time in forever) to Warhammer 40K in this week's new release with the Leagues of Votann Army Set, which includes a full army, a codex, datacards, and more, we also get a new narrative expansion, Goliath Maulers, plenty of Dice Sets, and more for Necromunda, all up for pre-order and will be out on September 24th.

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From deep within the enigmatic centre of the galaxy arrive the stout and hardy Leagues of Votann, to their allies the Kin are an impenetrable wall that turns the tide of battle, to their enemies, a torrent of fury that crushes all who stand in its way.

The new Leagues of Votann Army Set comes with everything you need to start playing as the newest faction to arrive to Warhammer 40K, including a 104-page Leagues of Votann Codex, Leagues of Votann Datacards, 25 miniatures which include Ûthar the Destined (who can be built as a Kâhl), an Einhyr Champion, 3 Hernkyn Pioneers, and 20 Hearthkyn Warriors, and much more.

As chaos rises in Necromunda following the opening of the Great Rift, and an assassination in House Helmawr - the royal house of Necromunda, the other houses smell blood in the water as a war of succession erupts, spelling disaster for the planet as a whole.

This 128-page narrative supplement to Necromunda has you play through a deadly war of succession that would determine the future of the entire planet and its inhabitants, it includes new lore, narrative scenarios, new rules and gang tactics, as well as new House Escher and House Goliath rules. A copy of Necromunda: Ash Wastes Rulebook or the Necromunda core rules in combination with the Book of the Outlands supplement are required to use this narrative supplement.

The Maulers of House Goliath are heavy hunks of twisted metal on wheels, able to crush through opponents with their jagged power rams and keep going even on the toughest of terrain with ease, they are the perfect representation of what the House of Chains stands for, in one word: Metal.

This kit of 2 Goliath Maulers also includes options for either twin-linked bolters or twin-linked grenade launchers to mount on their sides, as well as 4 head options for the Goliath Road Thug riding each bike.

A set of 26 Tactics cards for the Goliath Gang to easily reference all the rules needed to play everyone's favourite gang of brutes.

A set of 8 orange Goliath Ash Wastes Gang dice with steel pips and the Goliath icon on the 6-face.

A set of 8 dusty yellow Ironhead Squat Prospectors Gang dice with green pips and the Ironhead icon on the 6-face.

A set of 8 dusty yellow Ash Waste Nomads Gang dice with red pips and the Nomads icon on the 6-face.

A set of 8 dusty white Orlock Ash Wastes Gang dice with black pips and the Orlock icon on the 6-face.

A set of 8 dusty grey Necromunda Vehicle dice with orange pips, required to take control of your gang's vehicles in a game of Necromunda.



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