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Warhammer 40K: Leagues of Votann and The Horus Heresy: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

A massive new release for the Leagues of Votann, with a new Combat Patrol box, Codex, cards and dice, and a ton of new units to choose from, as well as a new Horus Heresy tank, all up for pre-order and will be out on November 5th.

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A hardy race of clones, the Kin arrived from the centre of the galaxy to take all of its bounty of valuable resources and riches for themselves and will let nothing stand in the way of their goal, to conquer the galaxy and ensure a future for their people.

This 104-page Codex contains all the rules, lore, artworks, and everything else you need to command your Leagues of Votann army.

A resilient race of cloned squat warriors and craftsmen sworn to uphold their ancestral duty to their people, who utilize tough and rugged armour and weapons to amass hoards of resources to bolster their production and grow ever more powerful.

This Combat Patrol box comes with 19 units equal to a Power Level of around 25 and includes Ûthar The Destined (who can also be built as a Kâhl), 5 Cthonian Beserks (one with a mole grenade launcher and 2 mole grenades), 3 Hernkyn Pioneers, and 10 Hearthkyn Warriors.

A set of 50 Datacards to easily reference Leagues of Votann rules, stratagems, and psychic powers during battle, and 16 translucent brown dice with golden pips and a Votann symbol on the 6-face.

A heavily armoured unit of elite warriors, clad in exo-armour and wielding powerful weaponry, the Einhyr Hearthguard are often tasked not only with the protection of the heroes of their Oathband but also with diving into the centre of the battle.

This kit of 5 Einhyr Hearthguard comes with heavy exo-armour with a shoulder-mounted grenade launcher and a plethora of weapons, including a choice of an EtaCarn plasma gun or volkanite disintegrator as the ranged options, and a concussion gauntlet or plasma blade gauntlet as melee, this kit also comes with a choice of 19 different heads, and one of them can be built as a Hesyr leader who has a choice of two different crests and wields a concussion hammer.

Highly augmented (even in Kin standards) elite warriors who rush unwavering into the heart of combat, armed with mining tools that do just as fine a job doubling as weapons and autonomous mole grenades that dig into the ground in pursuit of their targets, the Cthonian Beserks can break through even the toughest of enemy barriers with ease.

This kit of 5 Cthonian Beserks includes a choice of a heavy plasma axe or concussion maul for each, comes with a choice of 3 different heads, and also includes a set of concussion gauntlets to build a Beserk armed with a mole grenade launcher and assisted by an L-COG loader and 2 mole grenades.

A strong and nimble all-terrain attack vehicle designed to withstand the extreme conditions of the alien worlds of the Galactic Core, capable of traversing hard terrain with ease, transporting small squads, and packing a punch with a wide array of powerful weaponry making it able to defeat tanks.

This Sagitaur kit has plenty of different weapons to choose from, including a hull-mounted twin bolt cannon, a choice of four turret weapons (a HYLas beam cannon, L7 missile launcher, Sagitaur missile launcher, or MATR autocannon), the Sagitaur also includes a rear transport hatch and has a pilot visible under an armoured windshield who has 3 different choices of head.

The living ancestors of the Kin, the Grimnyr are wise psychic masters of the powers of the immaterium who lead their Kin to battle, who channel the destructive powers of the warp to aid their brethren and strike their foes down.

This Grimnyr kit includes 2 CORVs to help focus the energy of the Grimnyr and protect him from psychic overload, a ward stave with a Votannic design, and 2 choices of head.

A nimble team of Kin outriders who carry out daring attacks and vanish in the blink of an eye, already on their way to their next target, the Hernkyn Pioneers ride their swift magna-coil bikes and act as both scouts and saboteurs to overwhelm unprepared enemies into submission.

This kit of 3 Hernkyn Pioneers includes an array of ranged weaponry, starting with a hull-mounted magna-coil autocannon on the bikes themselves, while their rides are armed with bolt revolvers and bolt shotguns either wielded in one hand or strapped to the bike, as well as gravitic concussion grenades, one of the bikes can be ridden by a rear gunner armed with either a HYLas rotary cannon or ion beamer, while the other two can be outfitted with a rollbar searchlight, a multiwave comms array, or a pan spectral scanner, this kit also includes many cosmetic options like extra loads to customize each bike, and 10 different heads for the riders.

A once-Hearthguard warrior turned commander, clad in special exo-armour fitted with mass drivers and armed with heavy melee weapons and RAM shields, the Einhyr Champion becomes akin to something like a tank, capable of smashing through the heaviest of fortifications with their own hands.

This Einhyr Champion kit includes an ornate RAM shield on one arm also fitted with an Autoch-pattern combi-bolter, in the other arm they wield a choice of a mass hammer or a darkstar axe, further customization options include 2 different crest designs to represent either a teleport crest or defensive weavefield crest, 2 head options and a choice of 2 shield plate designs.

The most acclaimed champion of the Kin and hero of the Greater Thurian League, the Kâhl Ûthar the Destined is a warrior of legend and fate among the Kin, as brilliant and calculating a tactician as he is a mighty and merciless warrior, Ûthar is the epitome of the ideals and traditions the Leagues of Votann hold close to their hearts.

This Ûthar the Destined kit includes an ornate battle-suit protected by a rampart crest, his iconic Blade of the Ancestors in one hand, and a volkanite disintegrator in his other hand.

This kit can instead build a Kâhl for a League of your choice, with a large number of weapons and customization options to choose from which include a power axe or mass gauntlet for the melee options, and a volkanite disintegrator or an Autoch-pattern combi-bolter for the ranged choices, it also includes either a defensive rampart crest or advanced teleport crest, and 3 different heads.

A team of veteran Brôkhyr engineers turned heavy cannoneers when they strapped themselves with a heavy exo-frame, the Brôkhyr Thunderkyn are armed with a variety of powerful cannons to provide heavy fire from afar, supporting their allies in battle.

This kit of 3 Brôkhyr Thunderkyn includes many types of cannons for them to wield, bolt cannons, graviton blast cannons, or SP conversion beamers, this kit also includes 7 different heads (including an Ironkin head), as well as 4 different omni-visors for them to wear.

An imposing and heavy transport vehicle armed to the teeth with a variety of weapons to get your fighters where they need to go in one piece, the Hekaton Land Fortress is exactly what the name suggests, a massive hunk of an armoured transport capable of punching through anything that stands in its path.

This Hekaton Land Fortress kit has many different weapons to choose from, including one of 3 turret weapons (a cyclic ion cannon, an SP heavy conversion beamer, or a heavy magna-rail cannon), the turret weapon is reinforced by 2 pairs of ball-turret sponson weapons (bolt cannons or ion beamers), it also includes a rear-facing MATR autocannon, and a pan spectral scanner which can be alternatively replaced by a missile silo loaded with either a Kin's wrath, a mountain breaker, or an Ancestor's vengeance warhead. The Hekaton also has a pilot visible under an armoured windshield who has 3 different choices of head, and optional lights for the rollbars.

The bread and butter of your Leagues of Votann army, the Hearthkyn Warriors are a versatile troop of infantry soldiers that make the bulk of any League's army.

This kit of 10 Hearthkyn Warriors consists of a diverse lineup of fighters and different weapons to choose from, letting them adapt to any situation, including an Autoch-pattern bolt pistol and gravitic concussion grenades, and a choice of an Autoch-pattern bolter or an ion blaster for each of your warriors, as well as a massive amount of weaponry and wargear to choose from, making each of your warriors unique to you, this includes a medipack, a multiwave comms array, and a pan spectral scanner, as well as a magna-rail rifle, an HYLas auto rifle, an L7 missile launcher, and EtaCarn plasma beamer for 2 specialists, and also gear to equip a Theyn, consisting of an ion pistol, EtaCarn plasma pistol, concussion gauntlet, plasma axe, and plasma sword. Naturally, a kit this versatile also includes a large number of cosmetic options to customize each warrior, including heads, differently posed arms, pouches, tools, crests for the Theyn, and more.

A master Brôkhyr field engineer tasked with repairing the most powerful of the Kins' war engines under the threat of battle, they are also formidable in their own right, boasting powerful creations that aid them in battle.

This Brôkhyr Iron-master kit includes a graviton rifle and graviton hammer of the Iron-master's creation and a multispectral visor to wear over the eyes or on their forehead, an Ironkin Assistant carrying a las-beam cutter and plenty of tools and hardware, and 3 E-COGs armed with specialist tools and weapons, including a plasma torch, manipulator arms, and an Autoch-pattern bolt pistol.

A heavy support tank of the Legiones Astartes and the most commonly used variant of the Rhino chassis, sacrificing the Rhino's transport capabilities for highly improved firepower and protection, allowing it to be outfitted for many different roles as battlefield conditions demand.

This Deimos Pattern Predator Support Tank kit includes a host of different weapons to choose from, such as a choice of a pintle-mounted weapon: a havoc launcher, heavy bolter, heavy flamer, multi-melta, or combi-weapon with five configurations (bolter, flamer, melta, plasma, or volkite), as well as a searchlight, a dozer blade, a hunter-killer missile, and a plethora of different customization options such as towing hooks, sigils, and a choice of a Space Marine gunner, a spotter, or a closed hatch.



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