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Warhammer Day 2020: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

In time for this year's Warhammer Day, GW is releasing many new goodies, all of which you can pre-order today and will be released on November 7th!

From an all-new special Warhammer Day miniature Terminator Chaplain Tarentus, Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane and his rival Ghazghkull Thraka to new Combat Patrol Boxes, Outriders kit, a Hounds of Morkai set, brand new Codex Supplements, Dice and Datacards for both the Deathwatch and Space Wolves chapters and even a brand new and improved design for the Citadel Colour Painting Handle!

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Update: All the products in this post other than Terminator Chaplain Tarentus were released on November 7th for order, Tarentus was a limited release but will be fully released in early 2021.

The all-new Terminator Chaplain Tarentus miniature is up for order until November 8th as a limited run but will be released permanently in early 2021. It has the iconic look of the classic marines and would be an awesome addition to your army.

Ragnar Blackmane, the ruthless Wolf Lord, and his legendary chainblade Frostfang are a welcome addition to any Space Wolves army. He and the next fella on our list have a bloody shared history.

Known as Ragnar Blackmane's arch-rival, Ghazghkull Thraka towers over his enemies with support from his little banner-waving mascot Makari he will surely lead your Whaaagh! to victory!

Both Deathwatch and Space Wolves got all new Codex Supplements, with all the essentials info fans of the two chapters need.

New Dice and Datacards are also out for both the chapters, with 20 custom themed dice fitting the style of Deathwatch or Space Wolves, and don't forget to check out their respective sets of Datacards, conveniently showing all your Stratagems and Psychic Powers.

Combat Patrol boxes house a whole army (25 Power or 500 points) ready for battle.

The perfect way to learn to play and get into the hobby without breaking the bank.

You get 15 Deathwatch or 17 Space Wolves miniatures ready and waiting to vanquish your enemies!

These three roving bike-riding space marines are a perfect match for your army, whether it's Deathwatch, Space Wolves, or another First Founding or Successor chapter you love. They're even push-fit, so you don't have to deal with glue during assembly.

These Psyker hunting Reivers of the Cult of Morkai are a force to be reckoned with, get this set of 5 Primaris Reivers, and a Space Wolves Primaris Upgrade Frame today.

This new Painting Handle design is a much-awaited improvement, larger, taller, and generally better for painting your minis without any pesky smudges and paint getting where it shouldn't, a highly recommended purchase.



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