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Warhammer Underworlds, Blood Bowl & Adeptus Titanicus: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: May 8, 2021

A plentiful week of releases is upon us, including a new Warband and a Two-Player starter set for Warhammer Underworlds, the first supplement for the Second Season of Blood Bowl, and new titans for Adeptus Titanicus, including the huge Warmaster Titan, all up for pre-order and will be out on April 17th!

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The perfect set to start playing Warhammer Underworlds, journey into The Mirrored City, a labyrinth of illusions and ever-changing passageways, this set includes a 36-page rulebook, a full Storm of Celestus Warband - a group of Stormcast Eternals, a full Drepur's Wraithcreepers Warband - a group of Nighthaunts, 2 double-sided game boards, and all the Underworlds tokens and dice you will need.

These ever-hungry Soulblight Gravelords seek to take over the living mountain and prey on all that dwells inside, The Crimson Court comes with a new mechanic - Bloodlust - a hunger you have to keep under control, this set comes with 4 Crimson Court miniatures, 4 fighter cards - one for each of your warriors (Prince Duvalle, Gorath the Enforcer, Vellas von Faine, and Ennias Curse-born), and 62 more cards - 32 of which are Crimson Court specific, and 30 universal ones.

A set of 60 universal Warhammer Underworlds cards, that fits in with the Starter Set and includes 20 objective cards, 20 gambit ploy cards, and 20 upgrade cards.

This beautiful set of 20 Underworlds dice comes in the colors of the Great Alliance of Death, and consists of 10 Attack dice, 6 Defence dice, and 4 Magic dice.

A new issue of the Spike! Journal, with new rules and profiles for the Imperial Nobility and Black Orc teams, a 36-page Second Season journal full of background lore, rules, tips, and more. An essential pick for Second Season players.

The first-ever supplement to come out for the Second Season edition of Blood Bowl, a 104-page book full of new rules, deeper world-building, new Inducements, access to Mercenary Players, info for playing Sevens - a smaller scale and faster version of Blood Bowl, and much more!

A new, smaller-sized Pitch for fast games of Sevens, the new smaller-scale version of Blood Bowl, featuring standard turf on one side and astrogranite tiles on the other, and smaller Dugouts to match.

This couple of (possibly bribable) Referees make for a more immersive experience in your Blood Bowl games while standing as a reminder of your remaining bribe attempts.

As the (probably) greatest human Star Player ever, Griff comes with a strong profile, powerful skills, and a unique special ability. He can join both Halfling Thimble Cup and Old World Classic teams.

A hardy and swanky team of humans, clad in the best equipment their affluent patrons can buy, the Barons play differently from your standard human team, utilizing powerful Blitzers to dominate the field. This team comes with 4 Imperial Retainer Linemen, 4 Bodyguards, 2 Noble Blitzers, and 2 Imperial Throwers.

Imperial Nobility Team Card Pack and Dice Set

A full set of 44 Imperial Nobility cards for quick reference during Blood Bowl games, and a set of 7 ornate dice fitting the Imperial Nobility style, cast in Ivory with burgundy markings, and the Imperial Nobility crest on the 6-face.

This hulking figure is a fitting Star Player for any Black Orc team, a scary sight for any opposing team brave enough to face him on the field, with powerful offensive and defensive capabilities, and the ability to push through heavy armor, Varag is a great choice to lead your team to victory.

A well-balanced Black Orcs team consisting of imposing Black Orcs - bringing overwhelming crushing power to the field, and what they lack in swiftness is taken care of by their nimble Goblin teammates, the Thunder Valley Greenskins team comes with 6 Black Orcs and

6 Goblin Bruiser Linemen.

Black Orc Team Card Pack and Dice Set

A pack of 44 Black Orc team reference cards for tracking player positions and Star Players, and a set of 7 Black Orc themed dice, cast in black iron color with green markings, including a spiked ball icon on the 6-face.

A 96-page rulebook for Adeptus Titanicus, a game of warfare between the towering god-machines that are the Titans, taking place during the perilous time of The Horus Heresy, one of the most unstable eras in Warhammer history, this rulebook contains iconic Titan battles from the Age of Darkness, The Imperium of Mankind - which recounts the history of the galaxy and the Titan Legions from the time of the Horus Heresy, Basic and Advanced Rules, plenty of lore and art, and much more!

A 176-page comprehensive guidebook for playing Loyalist battlegroups in Adeptus Titanicus, featuring rules for 16 Titan Legions and 12 Knight Houses, lore, artworks, and much more.

This towering beast of a Titan is the biggest Adeptus Titanicus model to date and stands as the epitome of the Machine God's fury, wielding overwhelming firepower in the form of massive plasma cannons mounted on its' arms, a revelator missile launcher on its carapace, and a choice of an apocalypse missile array, a plasma blastgun, a turbo laser destructor, an inferno gun, a melta cannon, and a Vulcan mega-bolter to mount on its shoulders. It includes plenty of customization options to pick from.

An Adeptus Titanicus battleforce in a box, consisting of 5 Titans - a Warlord Battle Titan with two volcano cannons and two apocalypse missile launchers, a Reaver Battle Titan with a melta cannon and a chainfist, a Warbringer Nemesis Titan with a quake cannon, a volcano cannon, and laser blasters, and 2 Warhound Scout Titans, with a choice of a plasma blastgun, a turbo laser destructor, a Vulcan mega-bolter, and an inferno gun, all with plenty of customization options including different heads, carapace plates, and tilting shields.



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