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Hedonites of Slaanesh and Daughters of Khaine: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Loads of new Hedonites of Slaanesh and Daughters of Khaine releases, including new battletomes, many new Slaanesh units, and more, all up for pre-order and will be out on February 20th!

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A 128-page book full of all the lore, artwork, rules, and painting guides a follower of the Dark Prince would want, it also includes 32 warscrolls, two battleplans, battle traits, spell lore, and plenty more.

A 104-page battletome filled with Broken Realms lore, art, rules, new abilities, new spells, and much more to get your Daughters of Khaine warband battle-ready.

Easily reference your Hedonites of Slaanesh units, spells, and faction terrain during battle with this set of 33 warscroll cards, which also includes 40 double-sided tokens with your Hedonite army's spells and abilities.

The gold-clad, self-proclaimed favored son of Slaanesh, Sigvald the Magnificent, is a swordsman of unmatched skill, who traded his soul with to the Dark Prince for eternal life, beauty, and power.

A powerful and opulent hero on a mission to devour the Mortal Realm's most exotic flavors.

Surrounded by his twisted host of Hedonites, he combines powerful magic with melee abilities and augments those surrounding his palanquin, a fitting champion to lead the Dark Prince's armies.

A force of 10 deadly Sybarite archers, the Blissbarb Archers unleash volleys of toxin laced arrows from afar, you can assemble one model as a High Tempter, and also included in the kit is a Blissbrew Homonculus, who makes your archers' toxic attacks even more potent.

A deadly group of 5 Slaaneshi knights, armed with cruel glaives and mounted of twisted daemonic steeds, the Slickblade Seekers are a light and swift cavalry unit perfect for quickly taking out archers and artillery, assemble 5 Slickblade Seekers, one of which can be assembled into a Hunter-Seeker, or 5 Blissbarb Seekers.

Fearsome soulpiercer mace wielding champion of Slaanesh, twisted by the many vices they indulged in, the Lord of Pain leads warbands of Slaaneshi followers, and dishes out crushing power combined with the power to reflects wounds back to their opponents.

The Shardspeaker is a wizard who has been gifted with an artifact from the Temple of Twisted Mirrors, which they use to debilitate the enemy forces and make them vulnerable to your melee units, all the while being protected by malefic spirits in case a curious foe wanders too close.

A swift group of 3 savage beasts, tearing through the battlefield with their mutated pincers, bestowed on them by the Dark Prince, the Slaangor Fiendbloods are fierce and unnaturally strong, breaking large formations in frenzied savage attacks. One of the units can be built into a Slake-Horn, to lead the rest.

An egotistical unit of 5 sinister fighters, the Symbaresh Twinsouls are a tough infantry unit, proud of their twisted forms gifted to them by their god, wielding a variety of cruel weapons, one can also be assembled into an Egopomp. You can alternatively build this kit into Myrmidesh Painbringers.

Cast blood and shadow into 3 dangerous magicks to turn the tide of battle, the Bloodwrack Viper, a huge serpent made of boiling blood, crushing its' victim into pulp, the Bladewind, a maelstrom of blood that slashes through armor and flesh alike, and lastly, the Heart of Fury, summoned by Khaine's priestesses, it is his Iron Heart manifest, urging those bathed in its wrath to keep fighting even while mortally wounded.

Two sets of 20 specially designed dice in the styles of Slaanesh and Khaine, the Slaaneshi dice are purple with gold ink and feature the Prince's icon on the 6 face, the Khaine dice are blood red with black in and feature a Daughters of Khaine icon on the 6 face.



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