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The Best Flush/Sprue Cutters for Miniature Crafting: Nerdmire Recommends

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Sprue cutters are crucial in miniature model crafting because they precisely detach parts from plastic frames (sprues), which hold multiple components like weapons, accessories, or limbs. These components need to be removed without causing damage or distortion to their delicate details. This precision ensures clean assembly and painting, contributing to the overall quality of the finished miniature.

Here's a quick guide by Scale Model Workshop to get you started. As always if you like their content, don't forget to Like the video, and Subscribe to their channel, and check out additional links in the description box.

The following post features our picks and recommendations for sprue cutters and why we like them.

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The Tamiya Sharp Pointed Side Cutter NO.123 excels in precision with its pointed design, ensuring clean and accurate cuts in tight spaces. The ergonomic grip enhances control, making it suitable for delicate tasks. However, its compact size might limit its use for larger projects.


The Army Painter Plastic Frame Cutter stands out with its stainless steel build, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its versatile design enables cutting from multiple angles. While the finger guards prioritize safety, they could slightly obstruct visibility.


The Army Painter Diagonal Cutting Pliers are precise and durable. Their sharp cutting edges and stainless steel construction ensure clean cuts. While the spring-action mechanism aids efficiency, it might require some getting used to.


Games Workshop Citadel Fine Detail Cutter shine in craftsmanship and control. Their fine-pointed design enables precise cuts, while the comfortable grip enhances handling. However, their price point might be a consideration for some users. These cutters are a solid investment for those who prefer precision and comfort in their crafting journey.


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