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Useful Extra Tools for Miniature Crafting: Nerdmire Recommends

Crafting tiny terrains, models, and dioramas is a labor-intensive process that requires patience and skill. Sculpting tools are made to help with many types of materials such as clay, polymer clay, foam, and even certain types of putty. These tools allow for a high degree of texture variation and details that make the miniatures and dioramas look realistic; just think of where we would be without our tree bark textures, stone walls, and those amazing-looking rocks.

When you're working with things on this small a scale, you'll have to pay attention to intricate details, but that's not all sculpting tools are good for as they aren't just for creating from scratch; they're also essential for repairing or modifying existing pieces with precision without compromising the overall integrity of the piece. In short, you simply want to get your hands on some, and here are a few of our picks:

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The Army Painter Clay Sculpting Tools is a must-have for shaping and detailing miniature terrains. It comprises three specialized tools each serving a distinct purpose, offering precision that helps in shaping intricate textures and minute features. The tools feature comfortable grips that ensure a steady hand during the sculpting process.


The Caydo Silicone and Ceramic Clay Indentation Tools includes 9 stylus tools with various silicone and ceramic tips, along with 4 double-ended metal ball tools. With different silicone and ceramic tips these tools are perfect for adding detailed patterns and textures on foam or clay surfaces to enhance the overall look of your miniature terrain pieces.


The Army Painter Miniature and Model Drill (pin vise) comprises a pin vise hand drill and 20 micro twist drill bits of varying sizes. It has an especially nice firm grip, ball bearings, a well cut chuck and is able to hold very fine drill bits, making it ideal for miniature terrain crafting. These tools help you create precise holes for connecting parts and adding details.


As an expansion on the a pin vise hand drill set above, or even one that you may already have, The Army Painter Drill Bit Set of 10 includes small drill bits of varying sizes from the very fine to ones on the thicker side on the scale of miniatures and terrain. The reason for this recommendation is that they're sturdy and will not break off easily, making them ideal replacements.


This Needle File Set includes 10 different files with various shapes and grits. Its hardened alloy strength steel ensures durability and longevity, and the handles offer a comfortable grip. It's suitable for refining edges, smoothing surfaces, and polishing on miniatures and terrain materials. However, we don't recommend attempting to use the tools on hard materials to avoid denting.


The Micro-Mesh Colored Sanding Sticks contains 9 colored sanding sticks with varying grits from the very fine to the rough surface textures. We recommend this for smoothing and refining miniature terrain surfaces ensuring a polished finish.


Olfa is well known for its sharp, durable blades, and this circle cutter is no exception. The pack includes the OLFA Compass Circle Cutter, designed for creating precise circles with diameters ranging between 0.4 to 6 inches. The measuring scale may be a little hard to see but can be overcome using a second measuring tool. Overall, it is a great addition to your arsenal of crafting supplies, especially to add circular elements like wells or platforms for your miniature terrains.


This Xacto Precision Razor Saw Set includes a precision razor saw with 2 blades. It's ideal for achieving clean, delicate sawing on materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. The blades are extremely sharp but cut at short depths, ideal for use in terrain crafting.


A reliable cutting surface is essential for protecting your workspace and maintaining precision. The US Art Supply Self Healing Cutting Mat offers durability and measurement guides for accurate cuts. Its double-sided design, with green on one side and black on the other offers a color contrast for different projects. The non-slip PVC ensures stability, while the self-healing property ensures that the mat remains smooth and intact even after multiple cuts.


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