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Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm and Warcry: New Releases Up For Pre-order | Nerdmire News

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

A major Warcry release with four new warbands, a new 2020 edition of the Tome of Champions, and new books for each of the Grand Alliances, and a new season of Warhammer Underworlds has arrived with Direchasm, with two new warbands, new game boards, cards, and more!

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The new 2020 edition of the Tome of Champions comes with new narrative content, new game modes, updated rules, twists for matched play, and more. An essential pickup for any Warcry player.

Fierce guardians of the forest, the Sylvaneth are warriors sworn to protect Alarielle's sacred groves from those who wish to do them harm, this Warcry set consists of 3 Kurnoth Hunters, 5 Tree-Revenants/Spite-Revenants, a Sylvaneth abilities card, and 12 fighter cards for easy access to your rules. They can also be added to your Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth army.

This shadowy group of aelven cultists revel in the spilling of blood for their queen Morathi, the Khainite Shadowstalkers Warcry set contains a Shroud Queen/Shroudblade, 4 Shroudblades with Cursed Swords, a Shroudblade with an Umbral Spear, a Slaughtershade, 2 Darkflame Warlocks, a Khainite Shadowstalkers abilities card, and 7 fighter cards. You can also add them to your Age of Sigmar Daughters of Khaine army.

Blazing zealots of the fires of Aqshy, these Aqshian cultists will destroy all who might oppose them in fire and fury, this Scions of the Flame Warcry set contains a Blazing Lord, a Brazen Champion, an Inferno Priest, an Immolator, 2 Fireborn, 2 Initiates, a Scions of the Flame abilities card, and 11 fighter cards. They can also be used in your Age of Sigmar Slaves to Darkness army.

A dreadful myriad of undead horrors of all shapes and sizes, bound to destroy the living in a torrent of death and ruin in the name of the Supreme Lord of Undeath, this Legions of Nagash Warcry set consists of a Necromancer, 5 Grave Guards, 10 Skeleton Warriors, a Legions of Nagash abilities card, and 7 fighter cards. It can also be added to your Age of Sigmar Legions of Nagash army.

New Warcry Books

These four new books, made for each of the four Grand Alliances, contain full rules and profiles for most Warcry models, new challenges and ways to play, many updates for Allies and Monsters, and more.

This brand new season of Warhammer Underworlds brings you all a new player needs to start playing right out of the box, this set contains not one but two complete warbands: the Dread Pageant and Myari's Purifiers, the complete rules for Warhammer Underworlds, 2 double-sided game boards, tokens that include objectives, wound markers, glory points, and many more, 32 universal cards that can be used to bring any warband into Direchasm, and 11 Dice.



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